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are you worried that your old ceiling tiles may contain asbestos? ... may have these ceilings in kitchens and they were common in basement remodels to cover...【Get Price】

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asbestos and non-asbestos ceiling tiles often look very similar. ... for office ceilings, kitchen ceilings in homes and even in the remodeling of basement areas in...【Get Price】

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asbestos ceiling tiles were a common building material of the 60s and 70s. however, asbestos and its fibers have more recently been linked to lung cancer and...【Get Price】

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anyone have information on asbestos being used in ceiling tiles? the tiles in question are about 12' square and stapled to furring strips --- ver.【Get Price】

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whether you are an inspector, a builder, buying a home, or a homeowner doing renovations, you must know how to recognize asbestos ceiling tiles.【Get Price】

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asbestos-free ceiling tiles: how to recognize ceiling tiles by visual inspection to note clear evidence of non-asbestos materials such as fiberglass, and how to...【Get Price】

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as a certified home inspector i will give you some more specific advice from a buyer's point of view. if the inspector suspected asbestos, then...【Get Price】

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already posted this on the interior design forum, but thought i this forum might be better suited. we're going to take these ceiling tiles down...【Get Price】

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celotex ceiling tiles - which products contained asbestos? how to ... our photo (left) shows tremolite asbestos panels glued to the ceiling over a basement of a...【Get Price】

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i was just taking down ceiling panels from a drop ceiling in the basement and got covered in dust; some of which may have been from the...【Get Price】