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becoming a modern man - ur delver | puremtgo

oct 29, 2012 ... hello! welcome to another edition of becoming a modern man! this week i will be looking at a ur delver deck. this was inspired by 3-1...【Get Price】

deck of the day: u/r delver (vintage)

may 5, 2017 ... the recent update to the banned and restricted list has done a number on monastery mentor decks. restricting gitaxian probe and gush...【Get Price】

ur tempo jeff hoogland

this is an aggro-control, or tempo, deck. it looks to set its opponent behind with cards like remand while applying pressure with evasive threats like delver of...【Get Price】

the u/r pteramander guide: reaching new thresholds - cardmarket

mar 6, 2019 ... the deck i want to talk about is not another version of the string of successful and popular u/r delver decks, but instead is a relative of...【Get Price】

choosing a shade of delver | flipside gaming

jul 18, 2017 ... i knew i was going to start with a delver deck, but it was difficult to choose ... ur delver rich cali 1st delver of secrets monastery swiftspear...【Get Price】

legacy izzet delver - hipsters of the coast : hipsters of the coast

jun 12, 2019 ... some of you may know how low i've always been on preordain in legacy delver decks, but arcanist has led me to a full 180. now that we have...【Get Price】

legacy blue red delver deck guide | mtgmintcard

jan 11, 2019 ... after the new exciting tournament structure on magic online, i got really motivated to play more legacy than before. as most of you know, i used...【Get Price】

budget to tiered burn to ur delver cbrmtg.com

nov 16, 2018 ... we'll finish that set next month, but it's incredibly valuable to ur delver as well a blue and red deck. i know they're expensive, but they're...【Get Price】

modern u/r delver deck tech 2018 edition matt plays magic

may 22, 2018 ... i've gone pretty deep in my previous u/r delver deck techs, and not a lot has ... modern ur delver deck tech 2018 - matt plays magic.【Get Price】

ur delver | - thraben university

ur delver is somewhere between a tempo deck and a burn deck in terms of its archetype. like other tempo decks of the format, it takes advantage of free and...【Get Price】

[dtb] u/r delver - mtg the source

this is mainly to combat combo decks. ur delver needs more interaction than it already has, to beat combo. in addition, spell pierce is great...【Get Price】

ur delver pauper - decks - tcgplayer.com

ur delver pauper. by klepton. control. format: freeform ... buy this deck! maindeck 60. creature 12. 4 delver of secrets · 4 kiln fiend · 4 nivix cyclops...【Get Price】

legacy ur delver decklists @ mtgtop8.com

deck, player, event, level, rank, date. ur delver · kugyo · mtgo legacy challenge, 16, 13/08/18. ur pyromancer · albert brown · legacy staples, 3-4, 12/08/...【Get Price】

tes matchup battles: ur delver ii - the epic storm | magic: the ...

mar 19, 2019 ... ur delver is obviously a blue-red deck that combines aggro-elements of burn, with tempo-elements of rug delver. utilizing its red cards to...【Get Price】

modern ur delver top decks -

modern ur delver decks from the best players around the world. we have published more than 2003 modern decks in the last 2 weeks!【Get Price】

ur it: rebuilding delver with salamander drake - modern nexus

jan 11, 2019 ... by jordan boisvert. jordan tackles the age-old task of building delver in modern, now aided by some metagame perspectives and a shiny new...【Get Price】

delving through the secrets of modern horizons minmax

jun 19, 2019 ... max writes about how rug and ur delver decks evolved with modern horizons and war of the spark, and recorded a league with each!【Get Price】

ur delver | modern (modern mtg deck) - tappedout

updated feb 17, 2019 by shankronuken using our mtg deck builder. maybeboard contains other sideboard options that i keep on hand and will be swapped in...【Get Price】

standard ur delver of secrets - mtg wiki

mar 17, 2019 ... ur delver, or simply delver, is an aggro deck that mimics the old "counter-burn" archetype. delver uses very few creatures, usually only delver...【Get Price】

deck guide modern ur delver

jan 30, 2015 ... i played ur delver pre-treasure cruise, top 8'ing both ptqs i played it in (with a finals loss). it had everything i was looking for in a modern...【Get Price】

deck database - starcitygames.com

mar 2, 2019 ... deck, finish, player, event, format, date, location. izzet delver, 1st, rich cali, star city games open, legacy, · syracuse.【Get Price】

[primer] u/r delver - aggro & tempo - established (modern ...

many thanks to xnorth for the banner! i. ur delver: your secrets, they will be delved. ur delver is an archetype based on the card delver of...【Get Price】

vintage ur aggro - sylvan studies

nov 1, 2017 ... this particular version of delver, known as ur delver or ur aggro, is much faster than other forms of the deck and plays sort of similarly to a...【Get Price】

legacy ur delver decklists @ mtgtop8.com

ur delver decks. deck, player, event, level, rank, date. ur delver · chad harney · scg classic pittsburgh, 6, 30/06/19. ur delver · ryan repp · scg classic...【Get Price】

[modern] ur delver : spikes - reddit

introduction**>>-- you should play this deck if: -> you like ding 20 cards/game -> you enjoy laughing at...【Get Price】

channel reid - modern ur delver (deck tech & match 1) - youtube

oct 17, 2016 ... play some modern with reid duke as he takes ur delver through a league on magic online! for more great strategy content head to...【Get Price】

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